Law Enforcement

Alliance Minnesota currently houses the largest law enforcement/Military student base in the State of Minnesota. Law Enforcement Officers and Military personnel come to Alliance Minnesota for the simplicity and effectiveness of the program. We currently have officers from over 15 departments throughout the metro area.

The Revolution Ground Fighting Tactics course was designed by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Damian Hirtz in conjunction with personnel from various local and national law enforcement agencies. This is a POST Board certified course and has been approved for POST Board continuing education credits. No experience is necessary to participate in this program.

There are four levels to the program. Revolution Ground Fighting Tactics: Level I, II, III, IV. Each progressive level will incorporate additional critical techniques while expounding on what has been previously taught. Each participant will be asked to not only grasp all of these principles and apply them in a training scenario, but also have the ability to teach and ultimately share the information within their own Defensive Tactics programs at their respective departments.

The Level I core curriculum is comprised of the 44 primary techniques of Ground Defensive Tactics. The proficiency of these core classes will give the student a foundation that will lead to their total understanding and ability to teach basic Ground Defensive Tactics within their respective departments. We highly encourage all Advanced Students/Senior Law Enforcement personnel to attend the Revolution Ground Defensive Tactics classes whenever possible to ensure that they never forget and continuously perfect the nucleus of the system.

In order to reach certification in any level, each student will be required to not only demonstrate proficiency in the application of all listed techniques, but they will also be asked to articulate the “why’s and when’s”. Students will then be asked to demonstrate their ability to teach all of these techniques prior to receiving their Revolution Ground Defensive Tactics: Level I Certification.

If you are interested in this program and would like to speak with an Officer who has completed the program please contact our office and we will put you in touch with one of our Law Enforcement clients.

Adult Classes


“I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for almost 4 years now, and I can’t picture myself at any other gym; dare I say part of any other Jiu-Jitsu family? Damian Hirtz, as well as all the instructors and assistants are the best teachers, friends and training partners that I could ask for. They truly care about your personal development, as well as the development of the sport and Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle here in the upper Midwest. If you’re looking for high quality instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I would stop my search here. As part of the world renown Alliance Jiu-Jitsu team and family, I’ve had several positive experiences across the United States meeting and training with other teammates. If you’re looking for a national and global network of support, Alliance MN is at the top of the list. I for one am proud to represent Alliance Jiu-Jitsu every-time I step on the mat to compete.”

Dumisani Thomsen, Black Belt

“I’ve been training in the martial arts for over thirty years. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to train in schools around the country and in Europe, so it’s no small thing to say that Alliance in MN is probably one of the finest schools in existence. You will not find more knowledgeable instructors or such a huge collection of talent as well as just plain great human beings. After a year of training here I can tell you…you will get humbled, you will get challenged, but most importantly, you will get better.”

Alex Avedikian, Purple Belt

“I was down in Minneapolis and stopped in for a class. My first impression was how inviting and friendly everyone was to me as a guest in their academy. The facility was clean and very well kept. Staff were informative and friendly. Students were welcoming and inviting on the mats. There were a lot of great high level belts and a variety of hobby and competitive students. After my first class I decided to come back in two weeks to train at their facility for a few days. By the way I’m about 6 hours away and from Ontario Canada…..but don’t hold that against me….lol. The instructors were amazing and very well detailed in their classes. I can’t say enough good things about my week visit at Alliance. Wonderful BJJ community and I’m looking forward to my next visit. Thanks to all who really made it feel like home. Oss.”

Travis Duncan

“Being a 40yr old father of two, I was hesitant and a little scared to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. From day one I felt safe and comfortable. I even signed up my 6 year old in the kids class. Alliance MN has the perfect blend of tournament competitors and regular guys like me. I couldn’t recommend it more highly!”

Alex Stocco, Purple Belt

“I have been involved in the Martial Arts for over45 years. I have seen it all. If you are looking for the best JJ school in the state, this is it. The instructors are professional and know how to teach. Teaching is a different skill set than doing. The instructors at Alliance can do both, a rare combination. The school’s culture is to help you get better and for you to have fun. They are serious about MA and training, but at the same time they make classes enjoyable. Don’t take my word for it, stop by and watch a class and decide for yourself.”

Pat Worley, Black Belt

“I was one of Damian’s first students 6 years ago. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Alliance Jiu-Jitsu MN. The quality of BJJ instruction here is the best in the Midwest without exception. Damian has a watchful eye and a keen interest in seeing his students improve. The atmosphere on the mat is relaxed and open but everyone is very serious about improving. That attitude comes from the top down. Damian embodies the BJJ lifestyle and it shines through in his teaching and his attitude towards students. If you are looking to challenge yourself, improve your physical conditioning then this is a wonderful place to start. In addition the guest instructors I have gotten to train with reads like a who’s who of BJJ. Paul Schreiner, Gabriel Goulart, Bernardo Faria, Lucas Lepri and Fabio Gurgel have all been in to teach. If you have any interest at all in learning BJJ, do yourself a favor and stop by to check this place out.”

Chuck Svendsen, Brown Belt