The Lampat Brothers! Mark and Featured Member: Ron Lampat

How long have you been doing BJJ?  Started July 2009, 2 years of BJJ so far.

With so many option out there, why BJJ and Why at Alliance? My brother Mark (Alliance purple belt) recommended Alliance. After my first lesson I was hooked. BJJ provided a challenge physically and mentally as you can’t just out work your opponent,  you also have to out-technique them as well.

Describe Alliance MN in one word: Awesome!

Vitals: Height, weight, age , background, hobbies, career, family situation, etc: 5’11”, 172lbs, 42 years old, hobbies used to be mainly fixing up houses now it’s BJJ + Family. My background is that I’ve never been coordinated (athletic) but I did do quite a bit of competitive Road Racing (cycling) up until about 12 years ago. Just before I turned 40 I started BJJ mainly to stop having to say I used to work out, I used to cycle, I used to bike 400 miles a week.  Now I get to say I do BJJ 4+ days a week and I get to be in good shape again!! My career is in computers/management as I’m a SAP Basis Lead in Eagan. I’m Married and have 3 beautiful daughters: Miranda 6, Claudia 9, Tatiana 19.

How has Alliance BJJ impacted your daily activities/fitness/lifestyle/health/etc?  I’ve been lucky to have a wife that supports me in my quest to become better at BJJ. This means she lets me do BJJ 4 days a week. My fitness has improved quite a bit with BJJ. I used to be 183 lbs and have a gut,  and weak shoulders. Now I’m about 172lbs max., no gut, and finally feel like I’m fit again.

What has been the most significant benefit? Mental fitness from escaping from the work/other related concerns for a few hours a day.

What has been your proudest accomplishment? Not quitting after feeling completely overwhelmed the first few months of BJJ.

What is your next short term goal? Long term goal? Short term goal is to learn to get to my feet and be able to keep moving with Purple Belts without “spazing”. Long term goal is to stay consistent enough to eventually get a black belt….then really start learning the good stuff.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that most members wouldn’t know: I used to have poofy hair that stood up about 3 inches. I clipper’d the hair just before starting BJJ.