How long have you been doing BJJ?
A: Started in april 09

With so many option out there, why BJJ and Why at Alliance?
BJJ because it’s a thinking sport and that beats pushing around heavy weights any day. I went to Damian after seeing a video of him competing on YouTube.

Describe Alliance MN in one word

Vitals: Height, weight (optional), age (optional), background, hobbies, career, family situation, etc
5’6, 130; 25; Work as an analyst for mutual fund firm; single; hobbies include amateur day trading, MMA, traveling, movies, nightlife, blackjack, etc…

How has Alliance BJJ impacted your daily activities/fitness/lifestyle/health/etc?
Best way to de-stress.

What has been the most significant benefit?
It strangely helps me solve problems I am stuck on whether at work or personal life.

What has been your proudest accomplishment?
Getting my blue belt. I also stopped forgetting my belt.

What is your next short term goal? Long term goal?
I just want to do jiu-jitsu because I love it. So long as i keep learning, the rest will figure itself out.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that most members wouldn’t know.
I once considered a foray into competitive eating due to my ridiculous metabolism.